The events ddd and back_from are conceived of and facilitated by the Kunstverein Freiburg’s Advisory Committee.


ddd Archiv 2008 - 2012

back_from Archiv 2006 - 2012


The ddd, short for thethirdthursday (derdrittedonnerstag in German), is a meeting place both for artists and for those interested in art. The nature of the event is in the name: on the third Thursday of the month, a different artist’s work is in the spotlight ???


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If you are interested in ddd, and would like more information about it, send us an email at , with “Newsletter ddd” in the subject line. Admission is free.



In this series, local artists share their experiences creating art abroad.



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back_from is an event that occurs sporadically. If you are interested in finding out more about it and when it takes place, please subscribe to our newsletter. Admission is free.