Site Visit Opening Night with New Noveta Fateful It’s Our Playground Standpoint (EN)

Site Visit
Opening Night with
New Noveta Fateful
It’s Our Playground Standpoint
Fri, 24 Mar, 2017, 7 pm

Opening night with an introduction by Heinrich Dietz, Director.

New Noveta Fateful

New Noveta is a collaborative project from the London-based artists Ellen Freed (*1988, Sweden) and Keira Fox (*1984, UK). Their multidisciplinary performances connect sound recording and production, props and costumes in combination with installation building and live body action/dance. The work is engrossed in ideas of social and political conformity and methods in which to channel day to day anxiety and mental and emotional struggle. Within the eruptive performances, the entire proceedings as well as the performer’s bodies appear to be seized by panic, by urgent yet seemingly aimless action. It is as if the pressure of exploitation and success within our high-performance driven society is completely out of control. At the same time, New Noveta also presents instances of support and empathy within these moments of catastrophic loss of control. For the opening of Site Visit New Noveta will present their new performance Fateful:

Locked into the repeated loops
The banal content of the drive
Reconstruct ourselves through the stress

weakness, illness, pacification, power

It’s Our Playground Standpoint

It’s Our Playground (IOP) was formed in 2009 by Camille Le Houzec (*1986, France) and Jocelyn Villemont (*1986, France). IOP’s productions mainly take the form of exhibitions, Internet projects, display or installations, using curating as a medium. They pursue an uninhibited reflexion around modes of presentation, exhibition devices and the influence the Internet has on contemporary production. IOP curated the SWG3 gallery in Glasgow and is running the website as an online exhibition space. A matter of key importance in their work is the relationship between physical presence and online circulation of artworks.

For Site Visit, IOP have developed the exhibition display Framework, which provide free standing and flexible frames for the presentation of the various artistic contributions. The model-like units seize upon an issue relating to physical exhibitions, that of installation views, which through their digital circulation have come to take priority as a means of reception. Even though the artistic contributions displayed are connected with a concrete place or Site Visit within the Kunstverein Freiburg, Framework creates a (photographic) background that offsets its location. It is as if these contributions are not quite there yet or already on their way into digital circulation. On the exhibition’s opening night IOP will be using these presentation elements as the background for their performance Standpoint. Together with the Kunstverein’s exhibition photographer Marc Doradzillo IOP will document artefacts from their investigation of the Kunstverein Freiburg. Through this act of documentation they will transfer these objects, that relate to and reflect the Kunstverein, from their physical context into a free floating virtual existence.