Dominik Sittig Monkey Memoir (EN)

Dominik Sittig
Monkey Memoir
Thu, 22 Jun , 7 pm

There is a crater on the planet Mercury that is named after the famous Spanish artist Dalí. Dalí also wandered into one of Federico Fellini’s dreams and informed the director that the time had come for him, the dreamer, to exchange the Vatican’s symbol to that of his own, that is Dalí’s signature. Thereafter, the Spaniard began to sing with the voice of a little girl about how beautiful the life of a filmmaker actually is. That was 1975. How did it come about? And what could it mean, that as a child Freddie Mercury was called Farrokh Bulsara, but as a young man he wanted to be preferably Mark Sheridan, Elvis Presley und Marlene Dietrich all in one. What does Groucho Marx have to do with it all? And what about Casanova? And why are they all, already dead? Precisely this and other questions are traced by my talk at the Kunstverein Freiburg: „Monkey Memoir … I remember … the present … death, yes, and … love… yeeeah…

Dominik Sittig

Following a long break – his last lecture performance being in 2012 – Dominik Sittig (*1975, Germany) presents a new lecture. Alongside paintings his work is based on texts presented in lectures and books. Sittig’s investigation is directed towards the past, personal impressions, memories, and the seemingly familiar continuing up until kitsch, but in the end it brings one to fundamental questions that address the production and viewing of art.

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