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Queer Abstraction
Lecture by Lex Morgan Lancaster and talk with Ester Fleckner (online)
Sat, 14 Oct 2023, 4 pm

The Kunstverein Freiburg is hosting a lecture by Lex Morgan Lancaster (they/them) which will be followed by a discussion with Ester Fleckner.

Lex Morgan Lancaster is a scholar and curator who focuses on queer, trans, anti-racist, and crip contributions to the field of contemporary art. Their book, Dragging Away: Queer Abstraction in Contemporary Art (Duke University Press, 2022), is the first monograph on the topic of queer abstraction. 

Dragging Away: Queer Abstraction in Contemporary Art argues that abstraction is a tactic of queering in contemporary art that contributes to critical politics of gender, sexuality, and race, while refusing oppressive representational logics. Focusing on the formal and material innovations of current queer and feminist artists in the United States, this book attends to their drag on certain loaded modernist strategies—the hard edge, the grid, color, and the readymade—in order to draw out their social and political capacities and relevance for the present. Lancaster shows how abstraction does queer work through visual and material processes of dragging that expose the violence of abstraction while at the same time exploding harmful categories and taxonomies. 

Based in New York City, Lancaster is Assistant Professor of Art History at The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art. 

In English.

Admission free.


The exhibition is supported by:

Grosserer L. F. Foghts Fond