Events Formats

Event formats

Artist talks, lectures, discussions, performances, film screenings and more are programmed to accompany each exhibition, dealing with its contents and queries, addressing its background and creating new contextualisations. To this end, the programme features local knowledge and notable persons from the Freiburg area, as well as inviting external theorists, academics and artists. Kunstverein Freiburg connects art lovers and sees itself as a place for encounters, debates and cultural exchange. The Kunstverein also offers a variety of events beyond the exhibition-specific programme. Entry to all events is usually free.

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Till Ten

On the first Thursday of every month, Kunstverein Freiburg hosts a bar evening. Till Ten is part of the artistic programme, providing a meeting place within the Freiburg art scene and serving as an open framework for presentations, performances and discussions. The programme is conceptualised and realised by the Kunstverein’s board of artistic advisors. Every three years, the space is redesigned by an artist with connections to Freiburg.
Current design
Design 2018–2021

Junge Kunstfreund*innen

The Kunstverein Freiburg Junge Kunstfreund*innen are a group of young art enthusiasts who want to inspire and foster a passion for art in other young adults. They meet regularly and collaboratively organise a varied, independent events programme that runs alongside the current exhibitions at Kunstverein Freiburg and primarily caters for a younger audience. The Junge Kunstfreund*innen can also be found on Instagram.

Come and Dance

Come and Dance is a public dance and movement workshop led by performance artist Emi Miyoshi, occurring once during each exhibition interval at Kunstverein Freiburg. Different live musicans provide musical accompaniment for the workshop. The ‘white cube’, that supposedly neutral exhibition space which primarily addresses the eye and the mind, lends itself to the physical experience of space. People of all ages, movement lovers, dancers, couch potatoes, and seemingly disembodied eyes with thinking apparatuses attached are all invited to move together in the spacious exhibition hall at Kunstverein Freiburg.

Come and Dance is supported by BBBank.

Studio Visit

The Studio Visit event programme is a collaboration between Freiburg’s art institutions: The E-WERK Gallery for Contemporary Art, Paul Ege Art Collection, Kunstverein Freiburg and the Museum für Neue Kunst. Organised and supervised by one of these four galleries, an open studio visit is on offer to the public once a month in Freiburg. The visits offer the opportunity to gain an insight into the practice of artists in Freiburg and to talk about the works presented on the site of their production.

Members Invite

Members Invite is an initiative by the members of Kunstverein Freiburg. The programme offers lectures and excursions on topics beyond the remit of the current exhibition, to which non-members are also cordially invited.

Members’ Meetings

Members’ meetings serve as a round table to discuss questions about contemporary art, the work of Kunstverein Freiburg and its social context. Members are invited to bring up topics, questions or suggestions for discussion or to make event suggestions for the ‘Members Invite’ programme. At the same time, the meeting should offer an opportunity to learn more about the Kunstverein’s exhibitions and activities. In this way, pragmatic aspects of our work can be put up for discussion alongside questions about the exhibitions and the topics that they deal with.

Guest Events

Kunstverein Freiburg occasionally invites external cultural institutions or creative professionals to organise events on its premises. Concerts, performances or lectures, forge connections to other disciplines, such as contemporary music and dance, or inspire discussion of questions regarding Freiburg’s cultural policy.