Louise Guerra Further Futures, Chapter 20 (EN)

Louise Guerra
Further Futures, Chapter 20
Sat, 22 Jul, 7 pm

„I want to move” she said, and started twirling at the strings that tied their robe to the tree. „I don’t”, she said, and kept on staring at the stupid robo-screen. A sense of disappointment spreads similar to that of the small child that reaches for the flowing stream of water to grab it like a rope. They began to collect the water in small vessels and place them in rows on the edge of the bathtub…

Further Futures is a fictitious exhibition, which is yarned as a narration into the room during the evening. The artist collages and discusses some extracts of her chapters in her performative exhibition for Site Visit.

Louise Guerra is an artist, curator and lecturing tutor. She was founded 2013 in Bale. A general survey is located here.

The event occurs in the context of the Freiburger Museumsnacht.

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