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Since its establishment in 1827, Kunstverein Freiburg has been founded upon the engagement of its members. They are the heart of the organisation and a prerequisite for all that it does. Your membership will go towards supporting Kunstverein Freiburg in delivering its exhibitions, events programmes and engagement activities. It expresses your conviction that contemporary art needs lively, market-independent spaces for discussion and exchange. Thanks to your support, Kunstverein Freiburg can continue to enrich the cultural life of the city and make important contributions to the international art scene. Join a community of art lovers! Membership also offers the following benefits:

– Free entry to exhibitions and events at every AdKV-affiliated Kunstverein galleries
– Regular, personal invitations to events and exhibition openings
– The right to buy the Kunstverein’s editions and catalogues at a reduced price
– Participation in special events for members: the members’ party, day trips and exhibition visits both in Germany and abroad
– Annual members’ meeting participation and voting rights
– A discount on the Museums-Pass-Musées  

Individual membership 55 €
Couples 80 €
Artists 25 €
Students, apprentices, unemployed 15 €

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Become a patron member

You can become a Supporter member for an annual fee of 160 €. For companies, Corporate membership is available from 320 € a year. With your financial contribution, you will be supporting the Kunstverein in its execution of exhibitions and events, as well as allowing for an increased presence in the media and in the public sphere. In addition, you will be contributing to the production of new art works, which are often created specifically for exhibitions at the Kunstverein. Both in terms of finances and principles, your contribution plays an essential part in maintaining the Kunstverein’s independence.

Additional benefits of Supporter Membership from 160 €:

– An invitation to the annual Supporters Evening
– Named on the Kunstverein website
– Named on the digital display in the Kunstverein entrance

Additional benefits of Corporate Membership from 500 €:

– Guided tours of exhibitions with the director for company clients and employees
– Your company’s logo will be displayed on the Kunstverein’s homepage.
– Your company’s logo will be named on the digital display in the Kunstverein entrance

Additional benefits of Patron Membership from 1,000 €:

– A workshop for employees in the Kunstverein exhibition space

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All membership fees are tax-deductible.
Membership terminations take place at the end of the year. Deadline: 30th of November.  No further terminations can be considered after this date.