Mirak Jamal and Santiago Taccetti Stoneroses 7 (EN)

Mirak Jamal and Santiago Taccetti
Stoneroses #7
Sat, 1 Jul, 3 pm

Held at the Grunewald forest of Berlin, the first three iterations of Stoneroses (2014 and 2015) consisted of disseminated works by invited artists in an intervened public space. The project summoned pieces left hidden in covered and to-be-discovered shades, and bound by an orally-led tour facilitated by us. With each walk, sites were visited in altered states, making each relation a one-of-a-kind experience. These paths cut through unprecedented pastures, and each tour entailed new encounters in transformative seasons, and forecasted a set of works that were at times found removed, eaten, grown, or in slow decomposition of their material make-up.

It has been an ongoing project with updates of new invitees. The mapping of the public spaces spanned to include works left to evolve in parallel to each other – autonomous though under one eco-system. Artists mined the landscape over time, creating a project with no walled barriers, no temporal endings, and only to be experienced through our announced tours. After three iterations in Berlin’s Grunewald, the project was then taken to outside hosts with new rosters; held in Stockholm, and hosted by Minibar; in Bern hosted by Riverside, and finally at Cabaret Voltaire through Manifesta in Zurich (all in 2016).

For the seventh iteration of our collaborative project, and as part of Site Visit, we invite a local audience to Kunstverein Freiburg from where we will embark on a hike out of the confines of the exhibition space. After an initial introduction and gathering of our attendees, we will converge towards selected pit-stops. At each one, we will have a hanging of particular banners from each previous outtake of Stoneroses with their corresponding anecdotes; scanning over a spectrum of locations, and mirroring works under seasonal changes.

Mirak Jamal & Santiago Taccetti

Stoneroses is a project by Santiago Taccetti (*1974, Argentina) and Mirak Jamal (*1979, Iran).

The tour will be held in English.

In collaboration with the Embassy of Canada:

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