Gravity Road: A Rollercoaster Reader
Featuring texts by: Jesse Darling, Heinrich Dietz, Joe Highton, Sabrina Tarasoff
This book was commissioned on the occasion of the exhibition: Jesse Darling, Gravity Road, 19 Sep–1 Nov 2020, Kunstverein Freiburg
Co-published between Arcadia Missa Publications and Kunstverein Freiburg
17,5 x 13 cm
70 pages
12 €

Critical Properties or The Daring Gift if the booklet is single
Editors: Eva Barto, Sophie Bonnet-Pourpet
Graphic: Syndicat
Translation: Ryoko Sekiguchi
Photos: Marc Doradzillo
Funded by: Kunstverein Freiburg, Mécènes du Sud
Bilingual Japanese / English
2 identical booklets, glued
12 x 18 cm
68 pages
Out of print

Parting with the External. A Search for the Terrestrial
Artistic Director: Daniel Fetzner
With contributions by: Daniel Fetzner, Martin Dornberg, Jürgen Reuß, Sekine Trinkner
47 pages with col. Illustrations
Free of charge

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