Regionale 24 Artist talk

What to expect and what to do
Artist talk with Oleksandr Holiuk, Catherin Schöberl and Ilja Zaharov,
Performance by Claire Megumi Masset
Thu, 14 Dez 2023, 7 pm

How do artists navigate the uncertainty of what lies ahead? How do they cope with the fact that our current reality feels stagnant? Contemporary art enables artists to reflect upon facets of life and society, exposing both possibilities and flaws. However, what motivates artists to create work that looks ahead to the future? What inspires them? And to what extent do social and environmental factors affect their practice and personal aspirations?
We will discuss these questions with three artists from the Regionale exhibition Will I still perform tomorrow? (25.11.2023–07.01.2024) who feature works that do not utilise traditional media.

In addition to the talk, Claire Megumi Masset will present her performance piece だらだら [daradara] all the time coping (2023). Masset challenges and emphasises the routines we engage in our daily lives.

The talk will be conducted in English, admission free.