Regionale 24 Opening

Regionale 24
Will I still perform tomorrow?
Opening Night with an Introduction by Heinrich Dietz and Marilena Raufeisen
Performance by Claire Megumi Masset
Fri, 24 Nov 2023, 7.30 pm

The exhibition will open at 6 pm. An introduction by Heinrich Dietz and Marilena Raufeisen at 7.30 pm will be followed by a performance called  だらだら [daradara] all the time coping (2023) by artist Claire Megumi Masset.

At 10 pm, there will be a get-together of all Freiburg Regionale exhibitions at Café Barbette, Urachstr. 40, Freiburg.

The Regionale is an annual group exhibition developed in the context of a cross-border cooperation of 20 institutions in Germany, France, and Switzerland with a focus on local contemporary art production in the three-country region around Basel.

Artists: Amélie Bodenmann, Nadine Cueni, Oleksandr Holiuk, Damien Juillard, Florine Leoni, Claire Megumi Masset, Alexis Puget, Catherin Schöberl, Ilja Zaharov, Karla Zipfel

Admission free.

A free shuttle bus runs to the openings of the Regionale 24 exhibitions in Freiburg. You can find details here.