Till Ten Bar Brewsters (en)


Laurie Mlodzik
Brewsters‘, 2022

Somewhere between alehouse and witches’ still room Brewsters’ invokes the female past of brewing; inviting us to participate and partake in its history. The collection of objects and experiences, from the flavors to the aesthetics, pull from a long line of goddesses and mortals who were fundamental to the social lubricant, cultural fuel and societal glue that still holds us together. Through fermentation, water, diverse grains and the then still wild yeast cultures, were transformed into a valuable liquid, that beyond its use as an intoxicant served as a sustaining foodstuff and a potable drink. This mysterious foaming brew, which in many cultures was documented as an invention of, or a gift from a goddess, is honored here in its bubbling beginnings.

Brewsters’ offers a space to meet, exchange, and toast to the divine, earthly and female origins of beer. Drawing past practices into the present, with a special beer brewed for the occasion we pay homage to the roots of brewing and revive our ties to the microbial world around us.