Till Ten Hamdy Reda 2022 en

Till Ten
Hamdy Reda
Between Minus and Plus

Thu, 3 Feb 2022, 7 pm

It is as simple as it is difficult. In my career and in my life I was and still am struggling in between many different poles.
Between East and West I’ve chosen to move, north and south. Shifting between being a socially engaged artist and an individual nomadic one.
In between the wish of profiling a pattern for my future career as a visual artist and in my pursuit of the revolutionary way, which I started already a while before the Arab Spring.

Four years ago I closed Artellewa – a vibrant art space in Cairo, that I had founded in 2007 as a shelter for me and a lot of other creatives.
Two years ago I changed my residence location from Cairo to Kaiserslautern, while still having one foot in Cairo.
And between all of that and its impact on my practice as an artist and culture activist, the whole world started to struggle because of the pandemic. 
Circeling around these in-betweens I will address my presentation, considering and exploring my struggles in art circles with my artistic practices. 

Hamdy Reda (b. 1972, Cairo) is a visual artist, curator and cultural activist. Reda lives between Egypt and Germany.

The presentation is given in English.

Admission free!
FFP2, 2G-Plus