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Till Ten
Laurie Mlodzik
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Fermentation Workshop
Thu, 6 Oct 2022, 5 pm

Laurie Mlodzik extends a warm invitation to meet in Brewsters’ Till Ten Bar to explore the transformations through fermentation and the microbes that carry them out, putting our hands together into stories of becoming with the bacteria and fungi that make our life possible. Some people say everything fades away but viewed a little differently this fading is often just a transforming whereby things don’t really disappear. Whether it is the fermentation of biomass into biogas, the rising of bread, or how vegetables are processed into nutrients in our digestion, such transformations only happen in collaboration with microbes such as Lactobacillus, which we will get to know through some basic recipes for sauerkraut, fermented beets, and other root vegetables. Together we will begin to experience the possibilities of lactofermentation, and in the process learn about the peculiarities of Lactobacilli and how we can create a mutually suitable environment for them and with them.

This is a workshop that requires active participation as we will be setting up fermented products from seasonal vegetables to take home. If you happen to have a larger 0.5-1 liter glass jar with a screw or wire snap lid please bring it, there will also be jars available to use and take. Also welcome are any vegetables or herbs and spices from gardens or refrigerators that you want to bring to flavor and add to your products. There will be vegetables and other ingredients provided to all participants.

Participation is free of charge.