Forthcoming exhibition


Parting with the External
A Search for the Terrestrial

14.09. – 27.10.2019

Abschied vom Aussen

The sublime view of our blue planet from an elevated, external perspective, the idea of progressive expansion and the conquest of new territory, is leading us astray. Social injustice, migration, isolation and exclusion, environmental destruction and climate change show that there is nothing elevated about the people of the Anthropocene epoch, rather, they are always right in the middle of it all. There is no such thing as sheltered seclusion form the world, and there is no exterior. All life is tied to the ‘Critical Zone’ – a thin layer around our planet bearing air and water, only a few kilometres thick. What does this mean for our perception of the world, our actions and our coexistence?

Parting with the External does not only grapple with these questions theoretically, but transforms Kunstverein Freiburg into an experimental system serving the search for the ‘terrestrial’ (a term coined by sociologist Bruno Latour). In collaboration with artists, academics, philosophers and visitors, featuring installations, performances, workshops, concerts and film screenings, Kunstverein Freiburg will become a laboratory for aesthetic collisions and unusual encounters. Contrasting the all-too-familiar catastrophe scenarios of the Anthropocene, the focus will be on mankind’s creative potential, its responsibility and possible courses of action. The starting point of the search is the artistic research

Artistic Director: Daniel Fetzner
Dramaturges: Martin Dornberg (philosophy/medicine), Ephraim Wegner (sound/programming), Wolfgang Klüppel (performance), Jürgen Reuß (literature), Adrian Schwartz (U25)

Parting with the External is a production of Offenburg University of Applied Sciences and the artistic research group mbody e.V, in cooperation with Kunstverein Freiburg, Theater Freiburg, the theatre collective Konsortium & Konsorten, Theater Marienbad, Kommunales Kino Freiburg, Literaturhaus Freiburg, the University of Freiburg, as well as Carl-Schurz-Haus.



Opening night

Fr, 13.09.2019, 7 pm
Heinrich Dietz, Director

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