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Advantages of being a member at the Kunstverein

A representative overview of current tendencies in contemporary painting, sculpture, photography, film and new media, which is not beholden to what is commercial viable

Access to lectures and discussions that consider essential questions regarding intersections between aesthetic theory and political concerns

Free admission for all exhibitions at all art associations in Germany

Catalogs available at discounted prices

Trips to important exhibitions in and out of the country

Yearly offerings: small runs of reasonably priced folios of prints of various contemporary artists

Advantages of being a long-term member of the Kunstverein

Current goals that are being realized with the assistance of donations from Circle Members:

How to become a member

Regular membership = 55,-
Artists, Persons with Disabilities = 25,- €
Married Couples = 80,- €
Circle Member = starting from 160,- €
Circle Corporate Member = starting from 320,- €

Membership dues are tax deductable.

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More Information

Please contact Kunstverein Freiburg for detailled information.