Self-Sabotage Kroot Juurak Lily Wittenburg 2022

A performative situation by Krõõt Juurak & Lily Wittenburg
Sat, 7 May 2022, 7 pm

Self-sabotage has been part of our artistic practices for many years. Lately we have noticed that we are not unique in the sense that many people share a sense of discomfort around boundless enthusiasm, ambition and proactiveness as prerequisites for (artistic) excellence and success. What if we do not enjoy standing on stage performing in front of people? What if we still do it? What if we do not feel like being creative? What if then nothing happens, or even worse: something we didn’t want happens? Like ruining a good thing for no reason. In communion with other saboteurs of the self, we endure being walking contradictions. 
A shared autobiography of anti-heroes, this performative event could be also seen as a guide to: How to get away with it?

Autodestruction | Autodomestication | Ambiguity | Alibi | Boredom | Business | Bruises| Camouflage | Clown | Deceive | Doing it (wrong) | Demons | Funny, funny, funny | Grumpiness | I-resolution| Jealousy | Leisure| Messiness | Moods | | Narcissism | Nap | No way to know | Odd | Procrastination | Performance Therapy | Psychoanalysis | Questionnaires | Ruminations | SelfSabotage | Selfreflexivity | Solidarity | Slapstick | Show don`t tell | Trickster | Toxic positivity |  Unreliable narrator | unarming | Vagueness | Work | X | Y | Z

Admission free

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