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Till Ten
Angelika Li
From hydrological cycles to disappearance. What’s here and now for Homeland in Transit?
Thu, 22 Feb 2024, 7 pm

Angelika Li will discuss her exhibition series Homeland in Transit which is channelling narratives and imaginations of ‘homeland’ starting from Hong Kong perspectives: boundaries, roots, diaspora, identity, colonial ideologies, displacement and interweaving them with experiences and voices from other parts of the world. The project was inaugurated in Basel in 2019 and has since expanded to various cities, including Berlin, Murrhardt, Freiburg, Zurich, Zollikon, and Ishigaki. Furthermore, Li will provide insights into PF25 cultural projects, a Kulturverein she co-founded with Donald Mak in 2018. This initiative aims to foster mutual understanding, cultivate an intercultural network, and generate creative energies between Hong Kong and Basel, with a broader outreach extending to other regions in Switzerland and Europe.

Angelika Li, a Hong Kong curator based in Basel, is dedicated to exploring the essence of places and the connections through culture, heritage, and stories. She actively fosters a continuous dialogue between international communities. 

Recent projects she has curated include Dorothee Sauter’s solo exhibition Geology, Cooking Heart, Curious and other stories, 2021; Isaac Chong Wai’s performance Difference/Indifference at the Basler Münster, 2022; Luke Ching and Mei Cheung’s community projects and exhibitions On the Ground at Salon Mondial and PF25, 2023; Ellen Pau, Speculative Generations of Flora Zero, 2023; Basel and Hedy’s Leung’s Menhir Tapestry 1 for Radio X X_ARTS Festival opening performance, 2023; and her ikebana performance Ethno-Botanic Resonance, 2024 with a panel discussion at London Metropolitan University.

In English, admission free.

Image: Ellen Pau, Speculative Generation of Flora Zero 明日黃花, 2023, Video installation, Curated by Angelika Li, Courtesy of the artist and PF25 cultural projects